The universe is less static the appears at first glance. These animations are meant to show that.

Animation of globular cluster Messier 3

this animation of Messier 3 represents a loop of 6 hours. The RR Lyrea stars pulsate with a period of typically 12 hours.

Messier 3 in LRGB on 21/22 march 2022 (representing 5,5 hour loop)

DY Herculii is a Delta Scuti type pulsating star that pulsates with a period of 3,6 hours. In its pulsation, it also changes its surface temperature. I have captured spectra of it over a period of 2,5 hours and animated those. What can be seen is the high temperature phase, whith higher luminosity in the bluer wavelengths (left side). The star then inflates and the surface cools of, making it colder, less luminous and more red. As the temperature drops, the hydrogen absorption lines are also less pronounced.

Supernova SN 2022hrs in Virgo

Supernova SN2022hrs went of in april of 2022. I have imaged it until june and animated the dimming.

SZ Lynx is a Delta Scutii type pulsating star with a period of 2,89 hours. This is a blinked comparison of the peak and low luminosity phase of the star. At low luminosity the star is also a tiny bit redder, as it is producing relatively less blue light. The image shows the light curve of my measurements that night in red, green and blue.

Comet C2019 T4 Atlas

Comet C2019 T4 Atlas had its most recent close approach in march of 2019. This animation represents about 6 hours of movement relative to the stars.